HIPAA & OSHA Compliance Solutions: Training, Resources & Consulting

At Allied, we provide comprehensive HIPAA and OSHA compliance solutions to healthcare organizations and businesses. With a strong emphasis on compliance in both healthcare and workplace safety, we understand its critical role in protecting sensitive information and ensuring a safe environment for employees.

Why Choose Allied?

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the compliance industry, Allied has developed unparalleled expertise in helping clients achieve and maintain compliance. Our team of compliance specialists understands the intricacies of HIPAA and OSHA regulations, ensuring you receive accurate guidance and tailored solutions. Through our experience, we have successfully helped numerous clients navigate the complex compliance landscape, enabling them to mitigate risks and avoid costly penalties.

Customized Solutions

At Allied, we understand that every organization has unique and specific compliance requirements. We tailor our solutions to meet the individual needs of each client. By taking the time to understand your organization’s operations, we can create personalized compliance strategies that effectively address your specific challenges. This approach ensures you receive the most relevant training, resources, and consulting services, maximizing your compliance efforts.

Industry Recognition

Allied’s industry recognition further cements our credibility. Our certifications and affiliations confirm our commitment to maintaining the highest compliance standards. These accolades, client testimonials, and success stories highlight the permutation we established as a trusted provider of HIPAA and OSHA compliance solutions. See some of the businesses we serve.

HIPAA Compliance Solutions

HIPAA training helps healthcare facilities ensure the protection of patient privacy and security. Allied offers various training programs catering to different learning preferences and needs.

Online HIPAA Training

Our online HIPAA training provides convenient access to comprehensive modules that cover the key aspects of HIPAA compliance certification.

In-Person HIPAA Training

In-person training sessions offer interactive learning experiences, allowing participants to ask questions and engage with the material.

On-Demand HIPAA Training

Our on-demand HIPAA training allows you to access training materials at your convenience, making it easier to ensure ongoing compliance.

HIPAA Resources

Allied provides a wide range of HIPAA compliance resources to support your compliance efforts. These resources include templates, guidelines, and tools to simplify implementing HIPAA requirements.

For example, our comprehensive HIPAA compliance checklist tool covers all necessary aspects of HIPAA compliance, from administrative safeguards to physical and technical safeguards. You can easily adapt our user-friendly checklist to your organization’s unique needs and circumstances. It provides a step-by-step roadmap to achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance. It includes detailed guidelines and best practices on securing patient information, conducting risk assessments, implementing policies and procedures, training staff members, and responding to breaches.

Utilizing these resources can streamline your compliance efforts, saving time and resources.

HIPAA Consulting

Our consulting team brings in-depth knowledge and experience to address complex compliance challenges. From a HIPAA risk assessment to policy development and implementation, our consultants can guide you through every step of the compliance journey. By leveraging our expertise, you can enhance your compliance program and minimize the risk of breaches and penalties.

OSHA Compliance Solutions

OSHA training plays a crucial role in ensuring workplace safety. By providing employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and prevent hazards, OSHA training helps reduce workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

OSHA Training

OSHA safety training helps ensure workplace safety and minimizes the risk of accidents. Allied offers comprehensive OSHA training programs covering various safety compliance aspects. Our compliance training equips employees with the knowledge and skills to identify potential hazards, implement preventive measures, and respond appropriately to emergencies.

Our OSHA safety training programs include units on various disciplines to meet the specific needs of different industries and workplaces. Whether you operate in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, or any other industry, you can customize our OSHA training to address the specific hazards and regulations relevant to your field.

The types of services available with our training include:

Compliance Training

Allied offers comprehensive OSHA training programs tailored to meet regulatory requirements. These programs cover essential topics such as hazard communication, personal protective equipment, machine guarding, etc.

Safety Plan and SDS Management

We provide management services for safety plans and SDS (Safety Data Sheet). By maintaining up-to-date safety plans and properly managing SDS, you can ensure compliance with OSHA regulations and protect your employees.

Employee Credential Management

Let us help you handle your employee credential management solutions, including training certifications and license tracking. Through these services, we help businesses keep track of employee qualifications and ensure that only properly trained individuals perform specific tasks.

Incident Reporting

We provide incident reporting tools and assistance to streamline the reporting process. Prompt and accurate incident reporting allows businesses to identify patterns, address safety concerns, and prevent future accidents.

Policy and Procedure Management

Get assistance in developing and managing comprehensive safety policies and procedures. By establishing clear guidelines and promoting adherence, we help companies create a safer work environment and minimize risks.

Contract Management and Equipment Maintenance Logs

Allied helps businesses manage contracts and keep track of equipment maintenance logs. Proper contract management ensures compliance with safety standards, while equipment maintenance logs ensure medical technicians regularly inspect and maintain that equipment.

OIG & SAM Checks

We provide OIG (Office of Inspector General) and SAM (System for Award Management) checks to ensure compliance with government regulations and safeguard against potential risks. These checks help businesses maintain a trustworthy and compliant reputation./p>

Provider Credentialing

Ensure your medical professionals meet all necessary qualifications and credentials with our provider credentialing services. Proper credentialing helps healthcare facilities maintain quality standards and ensure patient safety.

As you might expect from a company that offers medical waste disposal services, we also have a sharps compliance solution.

OSHA Resources

Allied UA offers a comprehensive range of OSHA compliance resources to assist organizations in meeting safety regulations. These resources include OSHA safety manuals and checklists with guidelines that simplify the process of implementing OSHA requirements.

Using these resources, you can streamline the compliance process and focus on delivering quality patient care.

OSHA Consulting

Our OSHA compliance consulting services provide organizations with expert guidance and support in meeting safety regulations. Our consultants work closely with clients to identify potential hazards, develop effective safety plans, and implement preventive measures. Through our consulting services, we have helped numerous organizations improve workplace safety and reduce the number of accidents. Case studies and examples highlight the positive impact of our consulting services.

Comprehensive Compliance Packages

Allied offers comprehensive compliance packages that bundle training, resources, and consulting services to streamline the compliance process further. Organizations can benefit from a cohesive approach to compliance by choosing these packages. This integrated approach saves time and resources while offering solutions tailored to your needs.

Stay Compliant and Save up to 50%

Choosing Allied as your HIPAA and OSHA compliance partner guarantees expertise, tailored solutions, and comprehensive support. With our training, resources, and consulting services, you can achieve and maintain compliance, protecting sensitive information and providing a safe working environment.

Take the Next Step Towards Achieving HIPAA and OSHA Compliance. Contact Allied today! Request a consultation to discuss your organization’s unique needs, or download our resources to start your compliance journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find answers to the questions we regularly hear about HIPAA compliance certification:

Compliance Training

  • Full course library with topics ranging from OSHA, HIPAA, CMS, Infection Control, Joint Commission, AAAHC, and more.
  • Staff can train individually, or as a group, with customized curricular based on department or position.

Safety plan and SDS management

  • Create OSHA required safety plans in minutes using pre-formatted templates, and manage them digitally form the system. Manage all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for your organization, that employees can access from their Account anywhere at any time.

Employee Credential Management

  • From employee files inside of the system, track all individual employee credentials, licenses, CEUs, trainings, and more, with automatic reminders sent out so you can be sure nothing is expiring.

Incident reporting

  • Create incident reports for a wide range of incident types, all from one responsive, digital form.

    Customized escalation levels allow incident reports to be sent to multiple users within the organization, before being resolved.

Policy and procedure management

  • Upload policies, procedures, or any important documents that employees need to sign, accept, or access 24/7. Employees will acknowledge or sign policies digitally inside the Allied portal.

Contract management and equipment maintenance logs

  • Review, approve, and execute contracts with optional digital signatures, receive automatic notifications, view customized contract reports, and track each contract version while making updates. Optimize lifecycles of assets and equipment, and streamline entire maintenance operations.

OIG & SAM Checks

  • Schedule automatic exclusion check for staff, providers, vendors, and more through the OIG and SAM exclusion database, or run these checks manually at any time, all inside of your Allied account. Set up automatic email reports to be sent with the results of each exclusion check.

Provider Credentialing

  • QuickCred Can handle all of your credentialing needs with a simple tool that allows you to input provider information and time, then auto-populates all of your payer forms. It is the easiest and most affordable credentialing tool on the market.

Compliance Updates and News

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry updates, regulatory changes, and HIPAA and OSHA compliance news by regularly visiting the Allied blog. We strive to inform our clients about new developments that may impact their compliance efforts.

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