Customized training to ensure compliance.



Allied offers a comprehensive and affordable online portal to easily manage all of your compliance needs. Our system includes:

Compliance Training
  • Full course library with topics ranging from OSHA, HIPPA, CMS, Infection Control, Joint Commission, AAAHC, and more.
  • Staff can train individually, or as a group, with customized curricular based on department or position.
Safety plan and SDS management
  • Create OSHA required safety plans in minutes using pre-formatted templates, and manage them digitally form the system. Manage all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for your organization, that employees can access from their Account anywhere at any time.
Employee Credential Management
  • From employee files inside of the system, track all individual employee credentials, licenses, CEUs, trainings, and more, with automatic reminders sent out so you can be sure nothing is expiring.
Incident reporting
  • Create incident reports for a wide range of incident types, all from one responsive, digital form.

    Customized escalation levels allow incident reports to be sent to multiple users within the organization, before being resolved.

Policy and procedure management
  • Upload policies, procedures, or any important documents that employees need to sign, accept, or access 24/7. Employees will acknowledge or sign policies digitally inside the Allied portal.
Contract management and equipment maintenance logs
  • Review, approve, and execute contracts with optional digital signatures, receive automatic notifications, view customized contract reports, and track each contract version while making updates. Optimize lifecycles of assets and equipment, and streamline entire maintenance operations.
OIG & SAM Checks
  • Schedule automatic exclusion check for staff, providers, vendors, and more through the OIG and SAM exclusion database, or run these checks manually at any time, all inside of your Allied account. Set up automatic email reports to be sent with the results of each exclusion check.
Provider Credentialing
  • QuickCred Can handle all of your credentialing needs with a simple tool that allows you to input provider information and time, then auto-populates all of your payer forms. It is the easiest and most affordable credentialing tool on the market.

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