Medical Waste Disposal Services

Allied USA provides cost-effective medical waste services across the United States, including biohazard medical waste disposal, regulated waste management, and compliance solutions. Save up to 50% by switching to Allied medical waste services.


Biohazardous Medical Waste Disposal

Allied provides professional biohazard medical waste disposal services to keep your healthcare facility or business compliant with state and federal medical waste disposal regulations while helping you maintain OSHA & HIPPA compliance.

Regulated Medical Waste Disposal

Fair, Dependable, and Personal

You can count on Allied for:

  • Dependable Medical Waste Disposal Service
  • Personal Dedicated Account Rep
  • Right-sized Medical Waste programs
  • No Hidden Fees
  • OSHA-compliant waste treatment and disposal
  • Professional and Courteous Employees
  • Manifest for each service

Sharps Disposal

Safe, Smart, Simple

Disposing of sharps properly is instrumental in preventing injuries to your staff and patients. Allied offers a wide variety of mail-back sharps containers for everything from needles and medical syringes to blades and culture equipment. Sharp compliance has never been easier.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Secure Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Allied offers a secure, compliant way to properly dispose of pharmaceutical waste.  We offer disposal of controlled, and non-controlled pharmaceuticals. 

Chemotherapy Waste Disposal

No Waste Left Behind
Vials, containers, and personal protective equipment that carry less than 3% of the original chemotherapy require specific waste disposal requirements. Allied USA provides containers specifically designed and coded for Chemo waste. Minimize exposure risk and the risk of infection transfer with Allied Waste Services.

Pathological Waste Disposal

A Safer Path to Hazardous Waste Disposal 

Allied USA follows specific state requirements for the proper disposal of hazardous pathological waste and biomedical waste.  Proper containers designated for pathological waste are provided as needed.

Allied offers affordable, no-hassle solutions to properly dispose of all medical wastes and help you stay in strict compliance.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your current medical waste disposal costs, need a more consistent regulated waste disposal service, or are just getting started, Allied offers reliable medical waste services.  Allied USA is your solution to affordable professional biohazardous medical waste disposal services.

Medical Waste Disposal FAQ’s

How should I dispose of medical waste?

Follow these general guidelines to dispose of medical waste properly:

  • Accurately segregate the waste.
  • Store each type of waste in the proper containers.
  • Label the waste containers.
  • Store waste containers safely and securely.
  • Have waste containers removed and disposed of by your medical waste handler.

Stay informed about any changes to current regulations regarding medical waste disposal at the local, state, and federal levels.

Where should I dispose of medical waste?

The disposal options for medical waste may vary depending on your location, the regulations in your area, and the quantity of waste generated. You can typically dispose of medical waste through a medical waste collection company, hospital, local health department, mail-back program, or hazardous waste collection center. Ensure that you follow the proper regulations established by your state for the disposal of medical waste.

How do you handle medical waste disposal emergencies or urgent pickups?

Allied’s customer management team collaborates with the customer service hauler to handle medical waste disposal emergencies or urgent pickups. However, emergency pickups may incur additional fees.

How do I schedule medical waste pickups with Allied USA?

To schedule medical waste pickups with Allied USA as your chosen medical waste disposal company, contact your designated representative by calling 855.597.4733 or emailing

What containers and packaging options are available for medical waste disposal?

As your medical waste disposal company, Allied provides a range of container sizes and materials for each waste stream, offering flexible options for medical waste disposal.

How does your company ensure the safe and secure transportation of medical waste?

Allied guarantees the safe and secure transportation of medical waste by strictly adhering to all OSHA guidelines. We ensure all medical waste is properly labeled, securely packaged, and sealed before transportation.

Do you have an online portal to access medical waste documentation?

Yes, we have an online portal called the Medical Waste Portal, which you can access through our main website. This portal allows you to view and access your medical waste documentation, including manifests, schedules, and other relevant information related to your services.

Are there any specific requirements for segregating medical waste at our facility?

You can find the specific requirements for segregating medical waste at your facility in our welcome packet.
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