Did you know that medical facilities produce more than two million tons of medical wastes annually? Well, whether you believe this or not, the most important part is how to dispose of these wastes. Medical waste disposal in San Diego is considered serious business.

Surprisingly enough, many medical professionals aren’t aware of the potential damages associated with medical waste. Regardless of the facility you handle, whether a private hospital, dental office, forensic lab or funeral home, you’ll require medical waste service from a medical waste disposal company.

Aside from harming the environment or posing risks to patients, improper disposal can earn you enormous fines or time in prison. Here are a few consequences that arise from improper waste disposal.

Environmental Harm Due To Radioactive Hospital Wastes

From the total percentage of medical wastes generated by medical facilities, roughly 20% pose a danger to the environment. They are considered toxic, infectious and to an extent, radioactive.

When facilities fail to seek medical waste service to help in disposal, then the radioactive wastes can be disastrous to the environment. Moreover, improper disposal of medical waste on water bodies not only harm wildlife but also pose danger to unsuspecting visitors visiting these places.

Hospital Workers Are Likely To Be Infected With Hepatitis C Virus

Injections must be administered to patients whenever required. Health care workers administer these injections all over the world. Unfortunately, many hospitals may fall short of dangerous waste management in turn affecting the way you dispose of needles and syringes.

When these needles get in contact with any hospital staff, it may infect them. World Health Organization (WHO) reported about 21 million Hepatitis B virus infections in 2000 and nearly 260,000 HIV infections across the globe.

According to their reports, contaminated syringes also caused 2 million Hepatitis C infections in the same year. Workers who are at high risk when medical waste is improperly disposed include garbage workers, nurses or anyone taking out this garbage.

Infectious Medical Waste Are a Danger to Patients

Your patients may be victims to improper disposal of medical waste if you fail to seek the services of a medical waste disposal company. The hospital wastes are likely to expose them to very harmful microorganisms within your facility.

Aside from infecting the patients, your staff members may be infected with viruses and diseases. From radioactive supplies to lethal infectious sharp needles, all these are potential danger to patients, your personnel, and the general public.


Disposing medical waste improperly is punishable by the law. Medical waste disposal in San Diego can see you paying huge amounts in fines. The amounts of fine you pay will depend on the type and amount of improperly discarded waste as well as the set rules and regulations regarding illegal medical waste disposal.

Before having your day in court to face serious charges that will surely affect your company’s reputation, it may be a good option to ensure your medical waste is properly disposed.

Taking Responsibility

It’s the responsibility of any medical facility to manage their waste properly because if not managed; they may cause serious damage to the surrounding environment, spread diseases to patients, and public members alike. Consequently, they may harm your hospital staff members; this is why you’ll need the services of a good medical waste disposal company wherever you are.