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Save Time with Mail-In Sharps Disposal

Allied USA offers convenient mail-back services for mail-in sharps container disposal to help your business meet state & federal sharps compliance regulations. Proper sharps container disposal protects public health and the environment.

USA Mail Back ServicesUSA Mail Back Services

How To Use Our Sharps Mail Back Program:

1.) Obtain a Mail-Back Sharps Container

Contact us to order your Allied Mail-Back Sharps Disposal Container.

2.) Collect Your Used Sharps and Syringes

Safely collect your used sharps, needles, or medical syringes and place them inside your mail-back sharps container.

3.) Secure the Sharps Container for Disposal

Secure the sharps disposal container with its easy-to-use safe locking mechanism. Then, place the sealed sharps container inside its secondary bag and mailing box provided to prepare for transportation.

4.) Complete Required Documentation

Fill out all the tracking forms and legal documentation included with your sharps disposal container.

5.) Mail In Your Sharps Disposal Container

Mail your sealed, labeled, and packaged sharps container for proper sharps disposal.

6.) Track the Shipping Process

Allied includes shipping labels and tracking information to ensure the returned containers reach the disposal facility safely.

Sharps Containers Disposal

Sharps waste refers to medical waste such as needles, syringes, lancets, and other sharp objects used in healthcare settings.

Sharps waste poses several hazards, including the risk of needlestick injuries, the transmission of bloodborne pathogens, and environmental contamination. Handling and disposing of sharps waste safely can minimize these risks.

  • The safe disposal of sharps waste requires using appropriate sharps containers. These containers prevent accidental needlestick injuries and ensure proper containment.
  • Use a mail-back sharps disposal container to safely dispose of used sharps and medical syringes. Sharps disposal containers conveniently allow you to safely handle sharps disposal by mail without the need to visit a local drop-off site or clinic.

Mail Back Sharps Containers

Mail-back sharps containers are designed explicitly for mail-in sharps disposal. These durable containers provide a convenient and compliant solution for the disposal of sharps waste.

Benefits Mail Back Sharps Disposal Containers

Our sharps container mail-back program keeps you compliant while providing convenience for healthcare facilities, patients, and the public.

  • Convenience – Eliminate the need for unique drop-off locations or pick-up services. You can easily order mail-in sharps disposal containers and mail them back.
  • Compliance – Sharps container mail back ensures you follow all the necessary sharps compliance regulations and guidelines for biohazardous medical waste disposal.

Environmental And Safety Considerations

Proper sharps container disposal protects public health and environmental safety. Improper sharps disposal can have significant ecological impacts and pose risks to healthcare workers, waste handlers, and the general public. It can lead to the spread of infectious diseases and environmental contamination.

Sharps disposal by mail prioritizes the safety of waste handlers by following proper protocols for sharps waste disposal.

  • Our mail-in sharps disposal containers meet environmental safety standards.
  • We treat and eliminate sharps waste according to proper protocols, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Choosing The Right Sharps Disposal By Mail Program

Consider the following factors when selecting a national medical waste disposal company for sharps disposal:

Services Offered

Compare the services different companies offer to choose the one that meets your needs.


Evaluate the pricing structure to ensure it aligns with your budget and requirements.

Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews to gauge the company’s reputation and reliability.


Ensure the company complies with all federal, state, and local regulations to avoid legal issues.

Switch to Allied and Save up to 50%

Minimize the risks of improper sharps disposal and enjoy the convenience of Allied’s mail-back sharps containers. Allied USA prioritizes safety and follows all necessary regulations for medical waste disposal to protect healthcare workers, waste handlers, and the general public. Contact us today to get started!

Mail Back Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I reuse a mail-back sharps container?

No, mail-back sharps containers are designed for single use only. You must dispose of the entire full container as instructed to ensure proper disposal and prevent any potential risks associated with reusing containers.

Is it legal to use mail-back sharps containers?

Yes, using mail-back sharps containers is legal in most areas. Still, check with your local regulations and waste management authorities to ensure compliance with any specific requirements or guidelines.

Where can I get a mail-back sharps container?

Order mail back sharps containers from Allied USA. Some healthcare providers, pharmacies, medical supply stores, or community organizations may also offer sharps containers.

How much do mail-back sharps containers cost?

The cost of mail-back sharps containers can vary depending on the size and brand. Prices typically range from $10 to $30 for individual containers.

Are there any restrictions on what can be placed in a mail-back sharps container?

Yes. Follow local regulations and the guidelines provided by the manufacturer or service provider. Generally, you should place only sharps waste such as needles, syringes, lancets, and other related items in the container. Dispose of other medical waste, such as medications or biohazardous materials, separately and following appropriate protocols.

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