Antiseptic wipes are a household and medical office staple. They are a safe, effective, and convenient way of disinfecting surfaces and ridding risky areas of bacteria. However, you might be wondering why they have been so difficult to find lately. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain shortage, and rising stockpiling efforts, antiseptic wipes are hard to find. Though other things that were hard to find in the pandemic have returned to shelves, these extra factors have prevented antiseptic wipes from coming back in the same way.

Below, I will break down each of these factors affecting the availability of antiseptic wipes, even though they play a part in each other. Then, I will talk about where to find antiseptic wipes if you’re having a hard time, especially if you are looking for large quantities.

Why Can’t I Find Any Antiseptic Wipes?

Whether you have a home with an immunocompromised loved one or run an office in constant need of medical supplies, this antiseptic shortage is likely a huge source of stress. Antiseptic wipes are not only convenient and practical but also necessary for so many businesses and homes across the U.S. 

You likely can’t find any antiseptic wipes because of the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the more recent supply chain shortage, and the rise of stockpiling or “panic buying.” Each of these things is interconnected, though they are individual issues. 

The COVID-19 pandemic was the first domino to fall in this shortage, but it wasn’t the last. COVID-19 swept across the entire world and quarantined people in their homes. 

Additionally, the panic that drove COVID-19 has had a lasting effect, making people more likely to stockpile these materials in their own homes for “just-in-case” scenarios. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 left no part of the world untouched. The global pandemic made things like antiseptic wipes, disinfectants, and even toilet paper fly off the shelves. 

We aren’t entirely on the other side of the pandemic yet, with more variants becoming relevant the further we get away from the events of 2020. However, the pandemic still has a significant effect on the availability of antiseptic wipes.

As schools, public offices, nursing homes, and even medical offices began to tighten up their COVID-19 policies, many added thorough cleaning to their list of to-dos. Indeed, most of these places already had deep cleaning policies in place. 

But with the prevalence of the pandemic, the need for antiseptic wipes and disinfectants made them a hot commodity. 

As more places open and return to “normal” (whatever that means for said business), you can count on these places also stocking up on antiseptic wipes and disinfectant wipes to follow CDC guidelines on cleanliness and stop the continual spread of the ever-changing virus. 

Supply Chain Storage

Though the supply chain shortage can be attributed to the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a situation all its own when it comes to antiseptic wipes. That’s why things like toilet paper and household cleaner seem to be back on the shelves, but antiseptic wipes are not.

Companies had to scramble in the early days of March 2020 to provide enough medical supplies and household options for keeping the spread of the virus under control. 

Supplies were needed quickly to support the growing number of requests from retailers and hospitals. The supply chain shortage affected how many wipes were available to most major brand retailers.

The Great Resignation of 2021, otherwise known as the phenomenon in which many people began to quit their jobs in 2021, is a big part of the supply chain shortage. Without human power to stock shelves or get supplies delivered, there was likely an adverse effect on the availability of antiseptic wipes. 

Stockpiling Efforts

Even if the initial fears of the COVID-19 pandemic are over, and there are no quarantines or lockdowns, some people have kept their “panic” buying behaviors

You might remember that few supplies were available at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. circa March 2020. This was partly because of supply change pressure, low staffing, and because so many people began to stockpile supplies.

Since antiseptic wipes and disinfectants proved to be so successful in cleaning bacteria that may have caused the virus, many took to not just buying one but dozens of boxes of antiseptic wipes, toilet paper, or disinfectants. 

In fact, 49% of people said that disinfecting wipes were a part of their personal stockpile. 

Where Can I Get Antiseptic Wipes?

If you’re starting to worry about getting antiseptic wipes, don’t panic; and don’t panic buy! You can still usually get antiseptic wipes at big box stores and grocery stores. However, if your store is out for a while, you might need to get creative. 

You can get antiseptic wipes at grocery stores, convenience stores, and medical supplies stores. Additionally, medical supply companies sell antiseptic wipes in bulk online. However, you don’t want to make homemade antiseptic wipes as they won’t be very effective.

You may think it’s time to turn to homemade antiseptic wipes or give up, but hold on. Antiseptic wipes are essential, and their effectiveness is likely the reason you’re looking for them and not making them.

Wherever you can get antiseptic wipes, just make sure you’re buying the appropriate amount. You may save time and money looking to a medical supply retailer for larger-scale operations that medically need these antiseptic wipes. 

You can buy medical-grade antiseptic wipes in bulk, for what ends up being way cheaper than the grocery. You can get antiseptic wipes directly from our website, and they will be delivered to your office, and no panic buying is necessary.

Final Thoughts

Antiseptic wipes may still be hard to find for a variety of reasons. 

There are still risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and supply chain shortages and staffing shortages have affected what you can find on the grocery store’s shelf. Additionally, seeing an empty shelf may prompt some into “panic buying” large amounts of something in fear it will run out again.

To get antiseptic wipes, you may need to get a little creative. Looking to medical supply companies can often help you buy medical-grade supplies in bulk for a lower price. Check out out antiseptic wipes and other medical supplies here at Allied USA! We’ve made it a priority to keep you supplied with the best quality supplies. Browse our selection today!